About Us

About the Organization

Practical Life Skills is a Government Licensed Neuropsychiatry Centre. We are a Team of Mental Health Professionals working towards finding the best treatment options for treating patients with Addiction, Depression, Schizophrenia, Bipolar, Anxiety, OCD etc. We started this organization in 2012, with a rehabilitation facility for individuals struggling with Addiction and other Mental Illnesses.

Subsequently we also started a neuropsychiatric clinic to address psychological problems and life struggles like Stress, Anxiety, Anger Management, Marital Problems, Parenting Concerns,Childhood Problems with the help of our team of Experts.

With Time and Experience our Vision has grown. Practical Life Skills now also works towards

  • Creating Awareness to move beyond the Taboo attached with Mental Illnesses and Addiction
  • We run Free Consultation Camps
  • We are also run prevention programs for students and organizations. The aim of these programs is to address the problem when it is still budding.
  • We also run training programmes for young professionals to help them develop the necessary skills of working with individuals and families in distress.