Our Team

Practical Life Skills is a team of experts schooled in various disciplines of medical, psychological, mind training and therapies of various modalities. The team includes a psychiatrist, a physician, counsellors, peer educators and subject matter experts ranging from Arts Based Therapy, Graphology, Hypnotherapy etc

The centre is managed by Indrajit Deshmukh, Rahul Bam and Dr Chhaya Sualy.

Parikshat Anand : Managing Director

Parikshat Anand a Computer Engineer by profession and a service oriented social worker at heart now predominantly works  with the marginalized population suffering from Substance Addiction and mental illnesses.

”To be able to look back upon one’s life in satisfaction is to live twice.”

– Khalil Gibran

He focuses on acquiring therotical knowledge and practical skills for listening with mindfulness and embodied presence.

To better help this population he underwent training for lay counselling: a mindfulness based therapeutic approach, he is a qualified Hypnotherapist, Life Coach and has also studied Buddhist psychology a certificate course from University of Pune.

Using Neuro Linguistic Programming  he facilitate’s change in thinking and harmful behavioural patterns. He has been implementing these practices within Practical Life Skills Neuropsychiatry Center over the past few years and is an efficient multi-tasker who handles patients as well as their families with kindness and compassion.

He believes that the ones suffering from Addiction have a tremendous potential and drive to outlive life and be extremely productive.